Who is Djole? Short story about Djordje Arsenovic

about djordje arsenovic

Before Djordje started coding

I am Djordje Arsenovic and I am from a small town called Lazarevac. Where I finished primary and high school.

I started tinkering with computers and technology around the third grade of primary school. I’ve been a bit of a geek ever since.

It started with some games actually. I was a pretty hard gamer back then. It was the good old days. 😀 My parents actually got really worried but shhh!😆

Embarking on a Programming Journey

To be honest I haven’t been coding before my university in 2011. So I wasn’t some kind of a wizard, started coding before walking, I wish… 😀

At university, they taught us Java and C++, only after we started with PHP and web technologies.

It was really a good time of my life. I was never a great student in primary and high school, but I remember one thing while at university. My older sister Jelena (always better than me in everything 🙂 ) said:
Please stop studying and go out a bit.

Evolution into a Full Stack Web Developer: My Journey Unveiled

In my early days, I began this journey only as a front-end developer. That included HTML5, CSS3, and frameworks like Bootstrap. After some time I learned Javascript, which gave me a natural bust to my skills and I started taking an interest in programming logic more than look and feel.

I started to pick and poke with PHP five years ago, and I’ve been working with it ever since. After learning some basics, I started working with WordPress.

Lastly, I discovered Laravel. This is my framework of choice for the backend now, for more complex applications or even simple ones but which require to be fully customizable, or dynamic.

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