Hi, I am Djole, a web developer.

Welcome to my website!🙂 My name is Djordje Arsenovic, and everybody calls me Djole. Here you can read something about me, see my recent work, learn something hopefully, or get in touch with me!

Djordje Arsenovic

About Me

short story about me, I promise I won’t bother you too much

Developing with passion for 5+ years, and counting

I am currently living and working in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, and one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. I have a bachelor degree in Informatics and I’ve been poking around web development for more than five years now.

I am currently employed by the Italian company Datasys, and I’ve been working with them since I’ve graduated from Singidunum University in 2015.

In addition to web development and being a nerd 🤓, I enjoy photography, travel, working out, and movies.

web development
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What Services I’m Providing

my work divided by “category”

UI/UX development

UI Development with JavaScript

Creating websites, application interfaces, and basically everything that users see when they are looking at your product. UI and UX should not be mutually exclusive.

Native apps development

Hybrid app development with JavaScript

Developing stunning-looking, fast apps with web technologies. My apps are built with React native, therefore they can be used on all platforms.

Web development

Web development with PHP, Laravel and Wp

I am working on everything from WordPress websites, and PHP applications, to Laravel dynamic apps and APIs.


The blog is structured in the following primary categories…

Tips and tricks for Linux and Windows. We have to know the tools of our trade, and how we can use them to benefit us in the best way.

PHP has a “shallow” learning curve, so it’s easy to learn, for those who are writing clean code it can be very powerful.

Useful tools to keep you up and running with coding, boost your productivity, or finish boring tasks faster!

Work Experience

What I’ve been doing for the past few years

Full stack web dev @ Datatex

Working as a full stack web developer for Datatex made me a developer I am today. Giving me experience with PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Vtiger CRM, JavaScript and Linux servers

2016 – and counting

Internship @ Khaoticen

We created a report application in Rails that made penetration testing data more readable and visualized.


Singidunum University

Bachelor degree in Informatics – computer science department


Want to know more about me?

My Portfolio

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